Israelite Tel Suite - Megiddo

Israelite Tel Suite - Megiddo

Israelite Tel Suite

The Israelite Tel Suite is a collection of four intaglio collagraphs, depicting important archaeological sites relating to Biblical Israel. A tel is a mound covering the site of some ancient settlement, generally consisting of many layers of rubble and artifacts left by succeeding civilizations. Strata accentuated by horizontal lines divide the picture into three levels, forming a cross section of archeological time. In the Israelite Tel Suite, Bowden brings together earth and time, incorporating the present landscape of each site, finds embedded in a strata, and centered in each piece, a significant specific object relating to the tel's history. Each is a limited edition of 100 with 15 Artist's Proofs, printed on Arches Buff, 100% rag paper.


Megiddo is an ancient tel in the lush Jezreel Valley of upper Israel, which revealed twenty or more layers of civilization. Mitchner's book, The Source, was inspired from the finds at this site. The most famous artifact from this tel is this lion seal, with the Hebrew inscription, "belonging to Shema, servant of Jeroboam."

  • Edition of 100 hand pulled collagraphs
  • 30" x 22"
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